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General Rules

General Rules


1. No leave of absence is granted except on a written application from the parent or guardian and that too only for serious reasons. A pupil taking leave without permission of the Principal may be dismissed from the school forthwith.

2. If a pupil is absent due to sickness, the Principal must be informed at once and on return must produce a valid Medical Certificate. When a pupil who has been absentfor any reason, returns to school, he/she must bring a note of excuse from the parent or guardian, otherwise the pupil will not be allowed to attend classes but sent home. In this case the school disclaims all responsibility.

3. Pupils not returning punctually to school after the holidays, are liable to have their names struck off the roll.

4. A boy/girl who has been absent from school, or who misses the first period of the first sesion will not be admitted to class unless he / she brings a written leave application from home. If a pupil is absent for more than 7 days continuously he/she must produce a medical certificate with a valid proof. A medical cetficiate is only a reason for ones absence. It cannot be used as means for getting marks or passing the examination.

5. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, of the student as well as of parents are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the pupil.

6. All kinds of damages done to the school property will have to be made good/replaced/repaired.

7. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are expected from all.

8. At the “First bell” i.e. 5 minutes before the meeting commences, all must take their allotted places. The prayers before class will be said, after which all go in silence to their respective classrooms.

9. The School is not responsible for the loss of books, money, clothes etc. Students must look after their own belongings. Bring no valuable articles to school.

10. Students are expected to speak in English in the school premises as the medium of instruction is English.

11. Parents are expected to be co-operative with the staff in enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their children prepare their lessons and do their home work as shown in their diaries and by taking active interest in the (Games/Sports) cultural or any other activities of the School. Regularly failing which may call for administrative measures.

12. Parents are particularly required to sign the progress report and other communications from teachers, sent through the diaries. The student will not be admitted into class if their reports have not been duly signed in time, and the school disclaims responsibility.

13. Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the pupil or interview their teachers duruing school hours without the sanction of the Principal. For any unavoidable reasons a prior appointment must be sought.

14. The Principal has authority to inflict such punishment, as he may deem necessary.

15. On school days, at school functions, in all official representations and visits the students should wear the school uniform.

16. On Birthdays the students may wear casuals but should be decently dressed.

17. Students who come to school without proper uniform must bring a note to excuse them, from parents or guardians, otherwise they will be sent home and the school disclaims all responsibility.

18. The School fees should be paid for the full session as applicable.

Rickshaw/Bus Rules

1. The responsibility of bringing the child to school and taking him/her rests entirely with the parents.

2. Never send your children in an overcrowded auto rickshaw mini bus etc. The rickshaw owners take utmost care of your most prized possession “Your Child”. So, we request you not only to treat them with courtesy and respect but also teach your child to respect, this important “Uncle”, “A Smile”, “Good Morning”, “Thank You” and “Bye-Bye” would surely win this uncle’s heart. No advance, No loans and No dues please to these uncles. Please note down your rickshaw/bus owner/ driver’s home Phone No. Mob. No. and address in the school Diary.

Traffic Rules

1. Always park vehicles very systematically as per the instructions of the school staff.

2. Never park your vehicle in front of the gates and zig-zag as this causes a lot of inconvenience to others.

Safety Regulations

1. Never send any non edible articles with small children from home that can be swallowed easily by them.

2. Please do not send any valuable articles to school. The School will not be held responsible for their loss.

3. Please use a lockable safety pin to pin your child’s name tag.

4. The name tag should be in good condition with all information duly filled-up.

5. Always pin the name tag on the child’s shirt/dress.

6. Never send your child to school without a Name tag.

7. Never send a stranger/driver without a slip to the school to pick up your children.

Always Tell Your Children

1. Not to keep their hands/head out from a moving Rickshaw / Mini Bus.

2. Not to accept lifts and any eatable from any unknown person.

3. Not to borrow any money from the classmates or anyone.

4. Not to damage Public/School Property.

We Expect the Parents

1. To Attend PTM regularly.

2. To maintain regular contact with the school.

3. To check School Diary everyday and sign the teachers remarks, if any.

4. To encourage the child in the habit of neatness.

5. To send leave application and get prior sanction.

6. To report the child’s absence due to illness or infectious disease at once and send him/her to school, only after recovery from illness.

7. To encourage the child to speak in English at home.

8. To be regular in payment of fees at the prescribed time.

9. Not to take the child home during the school hours. (No child will be sent home)

10. Not to send the child to school when he/she is suffering from any disease/ infection.

11. Not to meet the teachers during the school hours directly without prior permission from the Principal. And finally to cooperate with us to get the best from the school.

Parents Visit

Parents/Guardians may visit the school and the teachers only on 2nd Saturdays. At other times, with the prior permission of the Principal.